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    • Body Image in the Music Industry February 12, 2012
      Thanks to Jess Godwin for inspiring this video! […]
    • Thank you everyone! August 31, 2011
      Friends of all shapes and sizes, I just wanted to share with you my overwhelming joy at the success of The Sticky Note Project's flagship event, In My Head ... Art Without Limits. It's been a couple of weeks since the multi-arts event in Waitsfield, VT, and what an amazing day it was! We had several artists participating in a wide variety of media, […]
    • UPDATE: The Sticky Note Project has begun! July 19, 2011
      Hello my dears!This is an update of my previous post, giving you a few more details on The Sticky Note Project's flagship event, In My Head ... Art Without Limits, on Monday, August 15th, in Waitsfield, VT.Here are the updates:The name has changed! Much more succinct and fun, wouldn't you agree?We have some more details on how to participate below: […]
    • The Sticky Note Project has begun! June 2, 2011
      Hello friends! My goodness, it has been a while! How are you? What's new? You may have wondered, "Why the heck did Mary fall off the face of the planet?" An excellent question. I have been hard at work on a new initiative, The Sticky Note Project. The Sticky Note Project (SNP) is an initiative that seeks to eliminate stigmas surrounding mental […]
    • More exciting news! March 22, 2011
      Life just keeps getting better and better, folks! Last night, I performed at the Lansdowne Pub's Open Mic & Talent Competition. It's a collection of musicians, magicians, comedians, and more competing for the chance to win $500 cash and open for the band Bearfight. The competition has been going for the last five or six Sundays, with two acts e […]
    • Hurray for Japan! March 20, 2011
      Thanks to everyone who came out to Copperfield's on Friday night! In conjunction with the Boston Origami Project, we raised $243 for the Red Cross' relief efforts in Japan. I'm so proud to have been a part of this. Thanks also to City of Squares, The Minor Three, and Stereo Drive-By, who shared the stage and helped donate to the cause. :) […]
    • Brand New Fan - Caroline March 17, 2011
      I met the lovely and well-traveled Caroline while promoting tomorrow's show in Boston. Thanks for participating, Caroline! :) […]
    • NYC Part 1: The Vital Movement at The Recoup Lounge March 3, 2011
      Let me give you a little background on this show: I was tired. I mean, dog tired. And grumpy. I didn't want to go; I just wanted to be a lazy butt and watch Law & Order in my pajamas. But what was I in NYC for after all? So my friend Monica and I trekked over to the Lower East Side, knowing that there would be a keyboard waiting for me.Except for to […]
    • A great night at Howl at the Moon February 9, 2011
      Hey friends!I just had to share with you all some news about my exciting night last night. I played at Howl at the Moon, a dueling piano bar here in Boston that has locations all across the country. They were hosting a contest called Rock the Moon for up-and-coming musicians to come play, with the chance to win $200 based on who got the best audience respons […]
    • Brand New Fan - Laura December 30, 2010
      First edition of Brand New Fan! Special thanks to Laura, and thanks to her friends for letting me borrow her. :) […]
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